Do you buy real Disney tickets?

If you are traveling to any Disney Resort and are thinking of buying online tickets at the parks, you need to make sure you are buying the right tickets. This means that you should make sure you shop at Disney World or Disneyland. There are two Disney resorts in the US. One is located in Anaheim, Florida, called Disneyland, and the other is located in Orlando, Florida, called Disney World. It seems like an obvious thing, but it happens all the time that people are not paying attention and that's when they got tickets to another park. Therefore, please choose the right one or inform the operator for which Disney Resort (Orlando or California) you want to buy tickets.

The Disneyland, California, resort has two parks; Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

Both are theme parks based on original and traditional Disney characters. You will experience more attractions at Disney California Adventure Park, learning about Disney characters and nightlife.

You can get a traditional ticket to visit each park daily, or you can experience the Hooper option, where you can enjoy both parks at the same time. In addition, there is another option called Bonus Tickets, which includes one early-morning entrance to Disneyland Park.

As with the same Disney World methodology, Disneyland has special offers for city (California) residents.

When you buy your tickets, explore the different options available over the course of several days, because the more you stay, the more you can save on ticket prices!

The Disneyland Resort includes 3 hotels: Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa (this is a high-end hotel), Disneyland Hotel (a classic hotel) and Disney's Pier's Pier Hotel (with sidewalks by the beach).

If you decide to stay at one of the Disneyland hotels, you will have special and unique amenities including:

– Magical morning entrance with theme park entrance (one morning entrance to Disneyland Park before it opens to the general public).

– Exclusive Entrance (to Disney California Adventure Park through Disney's Grand Californianian Hotel & Spa)

– Disney character wake-up calls

– Key to Magic and Package Express (magic card to charge for meals and goods in your room, including purchases delivered straight to your hotel)

The Disneyland resort also has an area of ​​Disney City where you can find different alternatives to dining, entertaining and shopping.

As you can see, there is a magic in Disney that you may need to enjoy and experience soon, but make sure you buy the right tickets to a proper Disney resort. Paying attention to the maps will eliminate the risk of going to the parks with the wrong tickets, so you will not be able to enter !!!

Harvey Casino Resort in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe, especially the Nevada side has really interesting architecture. It tries to recreate the Las Vegas experience within half a mile. Tall hotel towers, bright lights, glitters and gamblers. The Harvey Casino Resort is right on the border with California, so many people cross the quaint California side (across the street) to try their luck. We stayed at Harvey's in mid-May….

Our room had a great view. Lake Tahoe in all its splendor with the surrounding forests and mountains covered with snow. I stared at this wonderland the whole time … The hotel room was decent. Clean and modest. Navigating through the hotel did not allow me to experience Lake Tahoe at all. The air inside the resort was very smoky. Everything had a focus on gambling. With all this wonderful nature around us, we were completely isolated from it.

The staff was comfortable. The hotel was a bit dated, though it seemed like they were making the most of what they had. We have not tried any restaurants here.

The highlight of the whole trip involved being far from any metropolitan area. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful and offers such diverse activities that once you are here the last thing I would recommend is hanging out at your hotel and inhaling cigarette smoke. On our next visit, we will probably stay on the California side at a smaller hotel / motel.

Harveys Lake Tahoe

PP Box 128

Stateline, NV 89449

Phone: 775-588-2411

10 ways to make your hotel room romantic

There are several ways you can turn your hotel room into your own private romantic hideaway. Of course, you either need to hire someone to prepare the room for you in advance, or you will need to find your way to the room before your significant other gets there.

Below are the top 10 ways to enhance the look and feel of your guest room:

  1. Music, music. The best way is to have an i-pod with portable speakers (many hotels now have an i-sub dock) so you can fill out her favorite music to fill the room. But not too loud.
  2. Lighting. There is nothing worse than entering a room filled with bright lights. Turn off all lights and strategically place some battery-powered candle candles around the room (no fire hazard allowed by the hotel. Don't make the same mistake some made – using real candles only if the real smoke is super sensitive detectors and triggers an alarm) . Close the curtains / shutters.
  3. Rose petals. When the person you are trying to impress opens the door, they will find a trail of rose petals leading from the front door to the bed. And sprinkle lots of rose petals on the bed. As a special note, most hotels do not like using real rose petals, but you can use them as long as you are careful (e.g., if there is a white dresser in the room, protect the bed by placing a romantic blanket or tossing it on the bed and then placing the petals on top).
  4. Flowers. Roses are king, but some are not interested. Find out which one is her favorite flower and place it in a room (or it can be just one flower on a bed or placed in a vase with a bud).
  5. Edible decadence. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac and a favorite for romantic occasions. Skip the heart-shaped box in the heart and look for more high-end truffles from your local chocolate or candy store.
  6. Smell. Have you noticed how some hotel rooms smell of cleaning products? It can spoil the mood. Pick up a scent spray in a room from a shop like Body Shop. Or you can buy a plug in and insert it into one of the rooms in the room – just choose a romantic scent (like vanilla or jasmine)
  7. Bedding. Today, most of the nicer hotels have great sheets and comforts. But if you want to add something to the experience, bring your satin sheets and make the bed again (yes, a little extra work, but it's worth it) or add a blanket or faux fur blanket.
  8. Champagne. Champagnes always mark a special occasion and will go great with chocolates. If not for alcohol, then Sparkling cider is a great replacement (or non-alcoholic sparkling wine).
  9. Love letter. You set up this whole room – but why? Tell your special someone in the note – but not a piece of binding paper. Buy a nice card, write something special, and leave it in the room on the bed.
  10. Accessories. Some other nice touches are bathing (decorated around the edge of the tub with candles and rose petals), a framed picture of the two of you in the room, and a massage kit. Some couples may decide to hire someone to massage the couple – but would you rather massage your partner or have a stranger touch them?

Visit Monterey, California

Monterey, California, the oldest city in California, was founded in 1770. It has a population of about 30,000, an average high temperature of 65 ° C, an average low temperature of 47.8 degrees, rain receives an average of 67 days a year and lives in the Monterey Peninsula. over 98 miles of coast.

The beautiful city of Monterey is approximately 115 miles south of San Francisco and 350 miles north of Los Angeles. It can be reached by air, car, train, boat and bus. Coming to Monterey is an experience in itself. For most of the trip, you will have the beautiful California coast on one side and the beautiful forests and mountains on the other. In my opinion, the best way to visit Monterey is by car. Just driving through the Monterey Peninsula, with its beautiful scenery and ancient Spanish architecture, can be an experience of a lifetime.

Whether you enjoy lying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, surfing, sport or surf fishing, golf, shopping, touring art galleries, antiques, dining, sightseeing, whale watching, romantic beach walks or just relaxing in the luxury of a hotel, you can do it at Monterey and you can do it without fighting heavy traffic, without traffic jams and without breaking the bank.

Discover Old Fisherman's Wharf with great restaurants, seafood, unique shops, whale watching, fishing, cruising the bays, theater, and sights and sounds of Monterey's past. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium with over 200 award-winning galleries and exhibits, featuring about 550 different types of marine life. Play Golf at the Pebble Beach Golf Links Ranked # 1 Public Course in America by Golf Digest at

2005 Take one of the many whale cruises and watch gray and killer whales, whales, turtles, fish, sea lions and more. Fishing for Albacore, Cod, Flounder, Halibut, salmon, sea bass and eats. Visit one of the hundreds of peninsula art galleries. Stay at hotels like the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel with Del Monte's 18-hole outdoor golf course and heated outdoor pools, or the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa, which combines elegant European architecture, sweeping coastal views and sophisticated style to create the perfect setting to enjoy gentle the sounds of surfing, the fresh scent of sea air and the sight of sea otters in the game. If all that is not enough for you, drive along the coast and in less than two pleasant hours you can be in San Francisco, eat in Chinatown or enjoy the nightlife.

For more information on Monterey, California, visit:, a directory of links to the city of Monterey, California guides and directories listing hotels, restaurants, attorneys, real estate agents, information, resources, services, things things to do, places to visit, and more.

San Diego hotels in California, United States

San Diego is a demanding attractive and charming vacation spot for vacationers and tourists alike and they want to see their number of the most famous and attractive places like Wildlife Park and San Diego Zoo. To keep your tourist stay the most beautiful, luxury and luxury San Diego hotels provide some of the best and best accommodations. San Diego luxury and luxury hotels are as ideal for your vacation as business travelers. These hotels not only offer a wealth of facilities but also offer some high-end facilities.

The luxury and luxury facility includes a simple breakfast-to-dinner facility. The healthy environment of luxury and luxury hotel rooms suits the ambiance of San Diego as well as the touristy mood. The interior of the floor-to-roof room is top notch, and the wall painting expresses the ancient San Diego era. These hotels provide a dust-free and non-smoking area for those tourists who have a smoke and dust problem. The hotel rooms blend in with new LCD plasma TV technology, high-speed internet access in the bedroom and other amenities such as a conference room, indoor and outdoor swing pools, a fitness center and an art gallery.

The hotel staff are also in a good mood and behave honestly and willingly to fully meet your request in a single statement. All hotel rooms are tidy and clean with adequate ventilation. These hotel structures fully touch European elegance, so most tourists find it attractive to be easily accepted. Pretty lightning rooms can prove her luxurious style and bring any tension and fatigue away from tourists. All of these luxury hotel chains are located in San Diego's most famous location. Offering luxurious amenities from the bedroom to the bathroom, everything is perfect.

The best hotels in Las Vegas

So what's the best hotel in Las Vegas? It is true that such a recommendation is based on many people's overall opinions, but in most cases candidates are narrowed down to the top ones, such as it is very rare to find one hotel that would differ, so much so that others can truly be called & # 39 ; the best hotel in Vegas & # 39 ;.

The following are, according to our research, the top ten best discount / budget Vegas hotels:

  1. Hotel Monte Carlo
  2. Hotel Planet Hollywood
  3. Hotel Imperial Palace
  4. Hotel Orleans
  5. Grand Hotel MGM
  6. Circus Hotel Circus
  7. Hotel Luxor
  8. Hotel Tropicana
  9. Hotel Excalibur
  10. Hotel Flamingo

In our estimation and research, the best hotel in Vegas cannot be redefined, but when it narrows down to the top 10 most decadent, these are:

  1. Skylofts at MGM
  2. Hotel Mirage
  3. Venice hotel
  4. Four Seasons Hotel
  5. Hotel Caesars Palace
  6. Hotel Las Vegas
  7. Wynn Hotel
  8. Signature at MGM
  9. Hotel Bellagio
  10. Mandalay Bay Hotel

Accordingly, customer surveys and reviews have shown that the best hotel in Vegas again cannot be determined, but when the top 10 hotels on the main lines are fine-tuned, these are:

  1. Hotel Rio
  2. Sunset Station
  3. The Red Rock Hotel
  4. Hotel Texas Station
  5. Green Valley Ranch
  6. South Point Hotel
  7. Hard Rock Hotel
  8. JW Marriott Hotel
  9. Las Vegas Hilton
  10. Sam's Town Hotel

The 10 best downtown Vegas hotels are:

  1. Golden Gate Hotel
  2. Golden Nugget Hotel
  3. Hotel Binion
  4. The Vegas Club Hotel
  5. Fitzgerald's Hotel
  6. Hotel Plaza Casino
  7. Hotel Fremont
  8. Four Queens Hotel
  9. California hotel
  10. Main Street Station

Our recommendations for the best Vegas hotel for non-player players are narrowed down into the top 10:

  1. Embassy Suites
  2. Alexis Park Resort
  3. Marriott Suites
  4. Summerlin Courtyard
  5. Residence Inn
  6. AmeriSuites Las Vegas
  7. Hotel Platinum
  8. Carriage House Hotel
  9. Renaissance Hotel
  10. Atrium Suites Hotel

The top 10 best hotels in the Las Vegas area, located along the Boulder Main Highway, near Nellis Air Base, Las Vegas Lake, the airport and close to the state line, are just a short drive from the Main Line, including:

  1. Arizona Boulder Casino Hotel Charlie
  2. Americas Best Value Inn – Expressway, near Nellis A.F.B.
  3. Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort
  4. MonteLago Village Resort
  5. McCarran Knights Inn
  6. Blue Moon Resort
  7. Buffalo Bills Hotel and Casino
  8. Whiskey Pete's Hotel & Casino
  9. Primm Valley Hotel & Casino
  10. Gold Strike Hotel and Gambling Hall

It is easy to find pet vacations in California

As a dog lover and owner of a vacation home, I have often come across the topic of traveling with a loved pet. Whereas, just a few years ago, I relatively rarely found hotel accommodation that would welcome, or at least put up with, my well-liked and adorable boxer, Ouzo. Occasionally while traveling on Interstate 5 in California, we would stop at the beautiful Harris Ranch. One, because this is a great stop with beautiful accommodations and great food, and it's in the middle of our ride. But also, they treat Fido the way we treat Fido with love and care! They even give a small sign to put on your door so people know there is a dog in the room.

I personally know that one of the reasons I loved traveling with Ouza (now transferred) was because he had so much fun with it! Not at all a hassle and always very well behaved in any new place. So when I became the owner of a large vacation rental beach house, it was not wise for me to accept dogs. I know that for the most part, if people want to be with their pets, it's because it's nice that they are pets and well behaved.

What should you expect as a pet owner traveling through California or looking to rent a fun holiday property? For one thing, most California hotels, motels, and vacation homes will require a small pet deposit that will be returned after your departure until damage has been done. (We know that your precious powder would NEVER hurt anything, it's just like insurance!) In more than ten years of renting to dog lovers, I've never had to keep $ 50.00 per deposit for the pets I collect.

Friendly dogs can mean different things to different people. Be sure to know just what to expect before you book your hotel room or vacation home. Ask questions about things like floor coverings as this can be important for your dog's comfort. Make plans to bring along some of your pet's famous things to make you feel at home – such as toys or bedding. Many pet friendly places provide utensils and water bowls for your pet, but consider bringing something familiar here as well, to improve comfort and reduce the oddity of a new environment.

Please check with a good dog walker in advance, the owner or booking agent should be able to provide this information. Our holiday home offers beach accommodation. If your visit is to a beach vacation home, be sure to inform in advance that the beach is dog friendly. Many California beaches do not allow dogs. Our beach, Northern California's Dillon Beach, allows dogs to run for free along the water's edge, which they simply love! Nothing like a day chasing birds on the shore to make a tired and happy dog ​​at the end of the day! Having fun and relaxing in the evening is what I want for my guests and their "kids", even the four-legged kind!

Fresno California Hotels reviewed including Best of America and Laquinta Inns and Apartments

Fresno California Hotels Reviewed by Fresno Hotels in California: Fresno offers you the opportunity to explore Yosemite National Park, the Fresno Museum of Art and Club One. So with all that in mind, there is a good chance that you can find interesting things to do here in Fresno.

The Americas Best Value Inn Water Tree is located at 4141 North Blackstone Avenue in Fresno, California.

This hotel chain offers you great value for your dollar. All rooms here have free Wi-Fi. The front desk is open 24 hours and the staff is really knowledgeable and can assist you with any questions you may have. Take a look at Island Water Park and Fort Washington Beach, both hotels within easy reach. On-site use of the outdoor pool and the rooms include a coffee maker, a small fridge and you get a free continental breakfast each morning to start your day. This hotel is clean and makes a great base for your vacation, with staff doing more to help you make the most of your stay.

The La Quinta Inn & Suites Fresno Riverpark is located at 330 East First Avenue in Fresno, California.

The rooms here are large and airy, giving you a relaxed feeling as soon as you check in. This is a pet friendly hotel and the staff really loves dogs and will welcome you and your pet every time you walk by. Although this hotel is right next to the highway, no noise from the road seems to be coming, so it's a quiet place to stay. This hotel is clean and comfortable and offers good value for money. The staff is friendly and helpful. They have a pool with outside doors and a jacuzzi for your use as well as a gym, and if you need to work they have ergonomic workstations in the rooms. Free Wi-Fi and a 42-inch plasma TV are provided in all rooms. There is free on-site parking, and you can use the express check-in / check-out if desired. Here you get a 24-hour front desk to assist you at any time. Up to two children under the age of 14 may stay free of charge if using existing bedding. They can offer a baby or toddler seating service that will give you some adult time while on vacation and charges are charged.


Bitcoin erased its previous rise on Thursday, when US President Donald Trump said it would halt tariff increases on Chinese goods.

Trading in the crypto currency market began at $ 10,156.85, with European midday trading down $ 3.35, or 0.03 percent, as the market opened. Late in the day, it peaked at $ 10,297.12, but was unable to extend profits as investors explored the opportunities for risk assets. More specifically, they waited until the ECB went through a lightening economic boom as its President Mario Draghi took to the stage to announce his monetary policy decisions.

Note: As of this letter, the ECB has announced that it will reduce deposit rates from -0.4 to -0.5. It also represents a $ 20 billion economic aid package. Bitcoin costs $ 50.


Investors are observing risk assets
The broad consensus among economists shows that the ECB can turn their interest rates into a downside. They also see the horizon as a new financial relief in the acquisition of sovereign and non-financial corporate bonds. The move could end the weakening of the euro, which would lead to a parallel trade war with the United States, especially as Trump threatened to dump German cars and extra caps on French wine.

The California Hotel met with the great Gatsby – music as a teaching resource for literature

The most famous artistic product of the exciting 1920s is F. Scott Fitzgerald Great Gatsby, a novel about a man trying to create an ideal past in a drunken, materialistic present. It’s one of those books that everyone has a strong impression of whether they actually read it or not – which is why many find it hard to keep their eyes fresh.
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If you are a teacher looking for interesting, relevant ways to dig Great Gatsby, why not try something like this for greatness: The 1920s was the 1970s as it was for the hippie movement. An unprecedented global massacre following the so-called “end of all wars” war has turned disillusioned Americans into the interior, prioritizing them in money, spirits and entertainment.
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Similarly, after hippies failed to raise awareness with the peace, love and oil of patchouli, America in 1970 drowned their sorrows in disco, drug and polyester pants.
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As a task, have your students compare The Great Gatsby to a 1970s song in the same spirit. Take The Eagles & # 39; Hotel California, one of the best-selling and most recognizable songs from this (or any) era of American history.
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The California Hotel has some of the most viewed and memorable rock and roll lyrics. If the mystery element means a lot to you, you’ll probably be disappointed to hear two cents from Don Henley: “It’s basically a song about the dark submarine of the American Dream.” Not that a bunch of rock stars would know anything about it. In other words, the symbol of California’s prosperity (back when it still existed) stands as a microcosm of American decadence in the 1970s.
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California “hotel” (wink, wink) is not motel 6. It has mirrored ceilings, courtyards, outbuildings, pink champagne and high guests. The narrator can’t help but notice the seductive woman with Benz, the mind that is “Tiffany distorted”, and the many hot guys who follow her. He asks for wine, to which the captain famously replies, “We didn’t have such a ghost here.” Since wine is not a ghost (and we bet the Eagles have a basic understanding of alcoholic beverages), let’s go ahead and assume that Henley thinks of some else the spirit of ’69.
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In an eerie turn of events, a beast-killing ceremony involving “permanent knives” then follows, which tells the narrator to return high “back to where he was before.” Only when it’s late is he realizing he can “check out” but “never leave”. How, please say, can a person be checked without physically going anywhere? We think maybe some chemistry is involved.
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Well, let’s consider: luxury, substance abuse, beautiful temptation, materialism, violence, life in the past, and captivity. Remind anyone?
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As a rule, music is one of the best resources for teachers because it can be deeply personal and, at the same time, transferable. In addition, the fact that texts are usually very open to interpretation means that your students will put in a lot more work than they think.
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