Vacation Homes: A great option for family fun

Vacation time! There are many great places to see throughout Southern California – Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld, amazing beach events along the California – Gold Coast – the list goes on and on. But hotels and motels are almost always booked in the summer. They also lack home accommodation that will make […]

Visit Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach, home to the port of Newport and Balboa Island, is fifty miles from Los Angeles, fourteen miles from Disneyland in Anaheim and thirty miles from Catalina Island. It's a great place to get away from it all, but have it anyway. It is a small, approximately 72,000 population, rich affluent city surrounded by […]

Luxury Condos in Oceanside California

When planning a vacation, choosing the place to stay is as important as deciding what to do or where to go. Many people look at luxury apartments as a possibility. These expensive but high quality condos can be found in every major city and close to many popular vacation spots. Ski resorts, beaches and isolated […]

California Wine Bed

California, indeed, can offer tourists – great wildlife homes, famous landmarks and national parks, etc. But most of all, tourists from all over the world are enchanted by California because of its Wine Country, a region home to California's great wines. You will be delighted to experience this great landscape, especially if you are discovering […]

19th Century Romantic Hotels

Several Victorian hotels retained their romance and beauty, and at the same time were admired such as California's Del Coronado Hotel, Grand Michigan Island Mackinac Grand and Georg's Jekyll Island Club Hotel, each relatively similar, each unique. Located on the western edge of San Diego Bay, Del Coronado is a landmark on Coronado Island whose […]

Best Disney Resort hotels in United States

Is it time to visit Mickey Mouse? Whether it's your first Disney vacation or your twenty-first, you want your Disney vacation to be as magical as possible. Although the parks are fantastic, planning a place to take a break can be just as important as buying a parking ticket. These hotels are top notch, with […]

Discover the treasures of Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is two miles from classic Southern California entertainment, including a Manhattan beach dock, sidewalks, and every water sport imaginable. To take full advantage of the area you need, you will carefully choose between hotels in Manhattan Beach to find one that embodies the true spirit of the place. Of all the hotels in […]