Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, California is a sleepy beach town surrounded by beautiful mountains and equally beautiful coastline. Located in the quaint downtown area and popular boardwalk with rides and games, Santa Cruz is a favorite vacation spot for many seeking a beach vacation without the hustle and bustle of an over-crowded tourist place.

When buying for a hotel conducting a stay, many factors come into question, the three most important being: location, price and quality. Santa Cruz offers many hotels in any and all of these categories. For some, a mountain getaway only a short drive from both the beach and the city center is an advantage. Hilton in Scotts Valley (Santa Cruz neighboring town) offers classic Hilton elegance with price. This hotel is ten minutes drive from both the waterfront and downtown Pacific Avenue. On the other side of Santa Cruz is Chaminade, a luxury resort with open mountain views set fifteen minutes from downtown and the beach. For those shopping mail, many hotels and guesthouses that are available in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz. Comfort Inn University Inn and Conference Center are also very affordable and located blocks from downtown and the beach. With these hotels, a car is unnecessary unless planning to go outside Santa Cruz city limits. If overlooking the sea, budget is what they crave, then the Best Inn and Suites on the waterfront and Best Value Inn-by-the-beaches are your best bets. Both located across the street from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and its beaches, they are the perfect choice for waking up with the smell of ocean breeze. If the waterfront tourist crowds do not match the imagination, over the head of the Coastal Santa Cruz Hotel is located on the beach between the waterfront and the coastal residence. From here, you can go one way towards downtown and the waterfront, you can go out on the beach or walk the West Cliff Drive to see the coastline, walk on the beach and watch the surfers. This time is four miles from the ocean, sand, cliffs and panoramic views of Monterey Bay.

These are not the only options at Santa Cruz hotels; there are many motels, guesthouses, hotels, and bed and breakfasts for you to stay. Each choice is a good choice because chances are you will not spend much time in your room. Santa Cruz, although small, offers so much to do and see in an easy to navigate area. If downtown is not enough to wet the shopping appetite, ten minutes to Highway 1 is the Capitola Mall. And just over highway 17 is Valley Fair, the largest mall you'll encounter before you hit San Francisco.

All along the Monterey Bay are famous beach hot-spots such as Carmel and Monterey. Vibe of these cities is very different from that in Santa Cruz. Mainly, Santa Cruz is a hole-in-wall town with friendly residents and a relaxing atmosphere. Wherever you go, you will not be disappointed.