Vacation Homes: A great option for family fun

Vacation time! There are many great places to see throughout Southern California – Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld, amazing beach events along the California – Gold Coast – the list goes on and on. But hotels and motels are almost always booked in the summer. They also lack home accommodation that will make children and teens feel at home. There are more and more reasons why today's families are increasingly choosing holiday homes when away from home.

Near Popular Destination

Many holiday homes are conveniently close to today's most popular holiday destinations. Being just minutes away from these fun holiday spots can save you a lot of time traveling locally. If not within walking distance, many homes are close to public transportation or vans and shuttles that operate holiday destinations.

Feeling the right home

Holiday homes are designed to feel as close as possible to your real home – much more than a motel or hotel. Families are increasingly discovering that these homes can be very comfortable for children and teens. This is because they often have two or three bunk beds and a few trundles. They allow children to share bedrooms. A number of these homes also have four bedrooms that can sleep as many as 16 (for sports teams and scout groups / boys). Some homes even have couches in the family room.

Lots of entertainment options

To keep kids, teens, and parents entertained, many holiday homes offer plenty of entertainment options – something they need after a day of vacation. The homes feature gaming console games like the X-Box, DVD players and smart TVs. Foosball, Netflix and Wi-Fi access for smartphones, tablets and laptops. These connectivity options provide plenty of information and fun for all ages.

Private barbecues, swimming pools, relaxing spas

Kids, teens and especially parents need to relax after a hard day on the rides and adventures. Holiday homes allow families to do what they are usually unable to do at a hotel or motel, burgers or grilled steaks – in complete privacy. There is no need to book public barbecues or share space with strangers. Most homes come with a spacious outdoor dining table and plenty of chairs. They also have a relaxing spa and / or hot tub – for exclusive family use.

Cooked meals

Unlike hotels and motels, which offer inflexible (and expensive) menus, most holiday homes allow families to prepare meals prepared at home that meet the unique preferences of their health and taste needs. The homes feature fully equipped kitchens with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and breakfast bars. Kitchens even include cookware, dishes, cutlery, pans, baking utensils and towels made of paper and cloths for added comfort.

Affordable cleaning options

Laundry hotel / motel can be really expensive for a family. Most holiday homes to solve this problem include a washing machine and dryer. Housekeeping services are also available to keep things tidy and tidy as you rest.