The California Hotel met with the great Gatsby – music as a teaching resource for literature

The most famous artistic product of the exciting 1920s is F. Scott Fitzgerald Great Gatsby, a novel about a man trying to create an ideal past in a drunken, materialistic present. It’s one of those books that everyone has a strong impression of whether they actually read it or not – which is why many find it hard to keep their eyes fresh.
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If you are a teacher looking for interesting, relevant ways to dig Great Gatsby, why not try something like this for greatness: The 1920s was the 1970s as it was for the hippie movement. An unprecedented global massacre following the so-called “end of all wars” war has turned disillusioned Americans into the interior, prioritizing them in money, spirits and entertainment.
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Similarly, after hippies failed to raise awareness with the peace, love and oil of patchouli, America in 1970 drowned their sorrows in disco, drug and polyester pants.
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As a task, have your students compare The Great Gatsby to a 1970s song in the same spirit. Take The Eagles & # 39; Hotel California, one of the best-selling and most recognizable songs from this (or any) era of American history.
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The California Hotel has some of the most viewed and memorable rock and roll lyrics. If the mystery element means a lot to you, you’ll probably be disappointed to hear two cents from Don Henley: “It’s basically a song about the dark submarine of the American Dream.” Not that a bunch of rock stars would know anything about it. In other words, the symbol of California’s prosperity (back when it still existed) stands as a microcosm of American decadence in the 1970s.
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California “hotel” (wink, wink) is not motel 6. It has mirrored ceilings, courtyards, outbuildings, pink champagne and high guests. The narrator can’t help but notice the seductive woman with Benz, the mind that is “Tiffany distorted”, and the many hot guys who follow her. He asks for wine, to which the captain famously replies, “We didn’t have such a ghost here.” Since wine is not a ghost (and we bet the Eagles have a basic understanding of alcoholic beverages), let’s go ahead and assume that Henley thinks of some else the spirit of ’69.
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In an eerie turn of events, a beast-killing ceremony involving “permanent knives” then follows, which tells the narrator to return high “back to where he was before.” Only when it’s late is he realizing he can “check out” but “never leave”. How, please say, can a person be checked without physically going anywhere? We think maybe some chemistry is involved.
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Well, let’s consider: luxury, substance abuse, beautiful temptation, materialism, violence, life in the past, and captivity. Remind anyone?
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As a rule, music is one of the best resources for teachers because it can be deeply personal and, at the same time, transferable. In addition, the fact that texts are usually very open to interpretation means that your students will put in a lot more work than they think.
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