Bitcoin erased its previous rise on Thursday, when US President Donald Trump said it would halt tariff increases on Chinese goods.

Trading in the crypto currency market began at $ 10,156.85, with European midday trading down $ 3.35, or 0.03 percent, as the market opened. Late in the day, it peaked at $ 10,297.12, but was unable to extend profits as investors explored the opportunities for risk assets. More specifically, they waited until the ECB went through a lightening economic boom as its President Mario Draghi took to the stage to announce his monetary policy decisions.

Note: As of this letter, the ECB has announced that it will reduce deposit rates from -0.4 to -0.5. It also represents a $ 20 billion economic aid package. Bitcoin costs $ 50.


Investors are observing risk assets
The broad consensus among economists shows that the ECB can turn their interest rates into a downside. They also see the horizon as a new financial relief in the acquisition of sovereign and non-financial corporate bonds. The move could end the weakening of the euro, which would lead to a parallel trade war with the United States, especially as Trump threatened to dump German cars and extra caps on French wine.