Hotels in California

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are many places that are claimed to have unexplained phenomena that can only be attributed to the persecution of lost souls. For some, experiencing such an event or testing your courage for the unknown is as exciting as rollerblading or skydiving.
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If you are that person, here is a list of haunted California hotels where you can spend the night and try your luck at discovering the spirit. These hotels have a history of homicides, suicides, accidental deaths, former employees and senior guests that you may meet if you dare.
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Queen Mary – Long Beach

Queen Mary is a luxury ocean liner from 1940 that served as a cruise ship and transported troops from World War II. Today, Queen Mary is a hotel and tourist attraction that is claimed to have many spirits. Evidence of many deaths aboard the ship is listed in the aft infirmary.
The most documented ghost is that of John Pedder who was shot and killed by a waterproof door in 1966. He is rumored to have worked at Shaft Alley & # 39; in the engine room and during security training, he was caught on door number 13. He is known for pushing and touching people in the area. Another focal point of spiritual activity is located on the empty pool in the bowels of the ship, where the sounds of adults and children playing and spitting were heard by many Queen’s employees.

Chateau Marmont and Hollywood Roosevelt – Hollywood

Chateau Marmont and Hollywood Roosevelt have been popular get-togethers for Hollywood that have been around for decades. John Belushi was found dead in his room at the Chateau Marmont in 1982. Since then, the accidental difficulties of the unexplained have been attributed to the former blues brother.
From Hollywood, Roosevelt is said to be haunted by many from the Hollywood past. Although no one ever died there, it is assumed that they enjoyed the hotel so much that they chose that hotel as a place of fun in the afterlife. At gunpoint were Marilyn Monroe, Errol Flynn and an unknown girl in a blue dress. The facades of room # 928 have been specifically attributed to Montgomery Clift.
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Hotel Queen Anne – San Francisco

The Queen Anne Hotel, an historic Victorian mansion dating back to 1890, is located in the pristine Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Its original use was a girls’ home, but it has served several different purposes over the decades. After officially opening as a boutique hotel in the mid-1990s, hotel staff and guests reported on events and sightings believed to be Mary Lake, the late mistress of the 1890 girls’ home. Most accounts can be linked to room # 410 which is said to be her residence at the time.

Hotel Del Coronado – San Diego

The Del Coronado Hotel is a great Victorian hotel that was built in 1888 as the ultimate haven for those who could afford the luxury. This historic landmark must be visible & # 39; for anyone visiting San Diego. There are at least one and maybe several entities that are said to be haunting the hotel. In 1892, a woman’s body was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head on a staircase at a hotel. She had logged on as Kate Morgan for days. Very little is known about Kate, and it is rumored that she waited in room # 3327 of her lover who never showed up, so he took his own life. Conspiracies still exist that she was pregnant, killed and Kate Morgan was not her real name – the perfect trilogy of paranormal tension. Some even believe the hotel can be haunted by none other than Marilyn Monroe, who starred in the Hollywood blockbuster, Some like it hot with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon filmed in Del.

Furnace Creek Inn – Death Valley

The Furnace Creek Inn offers the only luxury accommodation in Death Valley. Bungalow # 199 is believed to be haunted. Who, no one knows for sure, but it is presumed to be James James Marques, a former chef who also haunts the kitchen and dining room. Mr. Marques left his job at the Inn in 1973 because of an illness he eventually succumbed to. Although he did not die at the Furnace Creek Hotel, or even at Death Valley, he believed that he had returned in a spirit to the place he loved.

National Hotel – Jamestown

The National Hotel is a classic 1800 hotel located in the once thriving Jamestown town of Gold Rush. As in all cities in California, few residents considered it wealthy and most went on vacation, with much struggle and pain. One such story is that of Flo, who is now aimlessly wandering the halls at Hotel National. Much speculation surrounds Flo, who does not even know if he is a guest or a hotel worker. It is rumored that she died of a heart attack at a hotel after her lover drunkenly shot or left her behind the golden fields and never returned – choose which one you like best. It mostly haunts the second floor of the hotel where guests report hearing a woman sleeping at night.

Gray Whale Inn – Fort Bragg

The Gray Whale Inn is a classic downtown highland solution, at several North Shore attractions. It was originally a hospital from 1915 to 1971. Many former patients were believed to remain at the Inn as spiritual entities. Of the reported hunts, there is a woman wandering the gardens and a man in second story windows who may have jumped or fallen to their deaths. Nobody knows who these ghosts are, because so many people walked through the door during the hospital.

These are not all haunted hotels in California and they definitely do not contain the evil poltergeists that movies usually portray. In fact, most have been described as naughty, playful or deplorable. Few guests have ever reported the occurrence or sight of these spirits, but sleep with the eye open and you may be lucky enough to notice it. Whether you are looking for proof of the afterlife or just looking for a nice place to stay, all of these hotels and inns are highly rated and nice choices for overnight stays.

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